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The best-selling car in the world in 2023 is… the Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk predicted it in 2022. The businessman, CEO of the brand Tesla had announced to its investors that the Tesla Model Y would be the best-selling vehicle in the world in 2023. We must believe that the philanthropist had access to a crystal ball, because, indeed, according to data collected by Jato Dynamics, the electric SUV was the most marketed vehicle internationally, all categories combined, in 2023.

A good head start

Jato Dynamics revealed that the Tesla Model Y takes 1D position, and incontestably. Although some markets have still not revealed their sales figures for the year 2023, Tesla can rejoice to learn that the Model Y has sold more than 1.23 million copies. This represents an increase of 64% compared to the previous year.

Tesla Model Y 2021
Tesla Model Y 2021 Photo provided by: Tesla

For comparison, Tesla sold 160,000 more copies of its Model Y than Toyota sold the RAV4, which came in 2e position. The latter, however, did not have a bad year either with 1.07 million copies sold; it was 50,000 units ahead of its little sister, the Toyota Corolla, in 3e position. Preliminary data therefore places two products from the Japanese manufacturer on the podium.

Interestingly, this crowning marks a historic first in the automotive world. Indeed, this is the first time that we have seen an electric car leading the international market. “The increase in global sales of the Tesla Model Y is unprecedented, especially for a vehicle in the top 10. What Tesla has been able to achieve with the Model Y in such a short time is nothing short of remarkable,” adds Felipe Munoz, global analyst at Jato Dynamics.

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Tesla Model Y 2023
Tesla Model Y 2023 Photo provided by: Tesla

Europe and China as priority markets

The Model Y may have benefited from its improved sales due to two factors, according to the data collected. First, the Model Y had a record year of distribution in Europe and China, the world’s two largest EV markets. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), more than 456,000 units were sold in China in 2023, marking a significant growth of 45% compared to 2022. In Europe, the data shows that more than 255,000 copies of the Tesla Model Y have been sold.

This popularity would be attributable to the price adjustment that Tesla made “The average retail price of a Tesla Model Y in November 2023 was 18% and 23% lower than the average cost of an electric vehicle in Germany and the United States respectively,” explains Felipe Munoz. “Price reductions during the year, combined with Tesla’s reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and competitive electric vehicles, have helped fuel already high demand. As a result, Tesla is on the minds of many consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle. »

It goes without saying that a global transformation is well underway in 2023. The Chinese manufacturer, BYD, is also one to watch in the coming years, because it has just arrived in Europe and North America with a list of EVs in direct competition with Tesla.



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