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The Tesla Model Y takes the title of the best-selling vehicle in the world

In August of 2022, Tesla CEO, Elon Muskannounced in a private event with its shareholders that the Tesla Model Y would become the best-selling new vehicle in the world in 2023. Many have doubted this claim, even accusing the controversial billionaire of committing himself to impossible goals.

However, recent data from firms specializing in the field, such as JATO Dynamics, demonstrate that, indeed, during the first quarter of 2023, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling new vehicle in the world. This is the first time in the entire history of the automobile that an electric vehicle has won this title.

Tesla Model Y 2023

Price reductions and fast deliveries

It must be said that in a context of long waiting times and rising prices, Tesla, which has been reducing its prices since the beginning of the year and which manages to deliver its vehicles in the space of barely a month, is in a favorable position to capture new market share.

The numbers therefore speak for themselves. Between 1er January and March 31, 2023, Tesla sold 267,200 Model Ys worldwide. Not far behind, the Toyota Corolla, long called a popular car due to its low price and high reliability, with 256,400 copies sold. Moreover, if Tesla dominates this list, it is Toyota that fills all the other boxes with no less than four models: the Corolla, the Hilux pickup (214,700), the RAV4 (211,000) and the Camry (166,200). ).

What’s even more interesting about this story is that the Tesla Model Y is a significantly more expensive vehicle to purchase than a Toyota Corolla, even after applying the most generous government rebates. Obviously, consumers seem to prioritize electric vehicles, even if they are more expensive.

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Tesla Model Y 2023
Tesla Model Y 2023 Photo provided by: Tesla


The Tesla effect is felt in all spheres of industry. When the manufacturer announced the arrival of a new rear-wheel-drive version for the Canadian market, which retails for $59,990 before the application of the $12,000 rebates, I instantly thought that this model would wreak havoc on the competition.

Many consumers, still waiting for a Volkswagen ID.4 or a Hyundai IONIQ 5, are fed up with waiting. In my immediate circle, I know three people who canceled their reservations to finally order a Tesla Model Y, which was delivered to them in the space of barely a month. Certainly, Tesla is quietly eating into the market shares of established manufacturers. I will therefore not be surprised to see the same scenario repeat itself for the second quarter.

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