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Tesla Model 3 standard range: Now available on Tesla’s website

You may not have known, but Tesla has been marketing in Canada since 2019 an exclusive version of the Model 3 that it was not so long ago that we could not buy online like the other liveries. Called Model 3 with standard range (Standard Range), it benefits from reduced range and loses some standard equipment. Hitherto invisible on the Tesla website, this version is now available for ordering online.


The Tesla Model 3 Standard range was created by Tesla to allow the model to qualify for the federal electric vehicle rebate. The objective was therefore to market a Tesla Model 3 at a base price of under $ 45,000 before freight and delivery charges, which is the case of the Model 3 with standard autonomy. Offered at a price of $ 46,389, including delivery costs, its more attractive price comes mainly from the removal of the Autopilot and its software-limited range of 151 kilometers. Technically, this is the same battery as the Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

Since its creation, it has been very discreet, invisible even on the Tesla website, while those concerned had to go to the dealership to order it. No doubt pressure from the government forced Tesla to give it more visibility and, above all, to sell it online since the technical characteristics of this version are now visible on the Tesla site in the form of a box. check “Limit range to 151 kilometers. “


Not really. It certainly saves you some $ 6,600, but the loss of autonomy is far too great for the discount granted. We understand that Tesla does not want to sell it, moreover it is not a new strategy. How many manufacturers advertise basic versions of certain models that are impossible to find.

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Its real advantage is that it allows the Tesla Model 3 Standard Autonomy Plus to qualify for the federal rebate of $ 5,000, a very popular version and much more interesting, especially when you can add the provincial rebate. of $ 8,000, for a total rebate of $ 13,000.

It remains to be seen whether this new visibility will bring it more buyers. Some consumers may well be satisfied with the autonomy offered to enjoy a Tesla Model 3 at a better price.


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