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Mercedes-Benz EQXX: 1000 kilometers of autonomy

Mercedes-Benz will present in a little over a month the EQXX, a car whose objective is to serve as a technological showcase for the manufacturer in terms of electrification, in particular with an announced range of 1,000 kilometers.

The announcement of the creation of EQXX concept it’s nothing new. In fact, we know the existence of this vehicle since the end of 2020. We now know that Mercedes-Benz will unveil it on January 3, on the eve of CES, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. While we had only seen the silhouette and the shaded front, we now discover a new image from the LinkedIn account of Markus Schäfer, one of the influential members of the Daimler Executive Board.

Mercedes-Benz SLX Concept 1966

Inspiration from 1966?

This photograph, obscure like the other two, shows very few details. However, you can recognize the transverse LED strip that crosses the front part of the car from left to right. If we refer to the other images, Mercedes-Benz seems to have delved into the past for the design of the EQXX. We see strong similarities with the SLX 1966 concept in terms of the configuration of the shape of the hood, the openings on the latter and, of course, the general silhouette.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 2022

Record drag coefficient

The EQXX will be a very low car with a lower drag coefficient than the EQS which is already the most aerodynamic production car in the world at just 0.20. The EQXX will also serve as a technological demonstration of a new generation of batteries. It appears that the batteries will have a 20% higher energy density than those currently found in the EQS.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX 2022

10 kilowatt hours / 100 kilometers

By marrying exceptional aerodynamics with a higher density battery, we obtain a winning recipe for lower consumption and better range. This is what Mercedes-Benz promises through the voice of Mr. Schäfer. The EQXX will have in real conditions the capacity to cover up to 1000 kilometers. The secret ? Energy consumption would be under 10 kilowatt hours / 100 kilometers on the highway. By doing a simple calculation, we can therefore assume that the EQXX concept will have a battery that should oscillate around 100 kilowatts.

For the moment, Mercedes-Benz does not speak of marketing as such for the vehicle. As is sometimes the case, it may not be the design that will be chosen for future products in the range, but the innovations and new technologies brought to light.


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