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The competition of the Nissan Rogue 2022

Hyundai Tucson, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4: all rivals of the Nissan Rogue. How do they stand out?

Hyundai tucson

Price: from $ 27,799

Like the Rogue, the Tucson wants to shake up the leaders in the category. The South Korean manufacturer spares no effort and, unlike the Rogue, it offers an already very diverse range with hybrid (corded or wireless) and gasoline (atmospheric and turbocharged) engines.

However, the latter do not display fuel consumption ratings as low as those of the Rogue. Nor such a high level of comfort. Compared to the Rogue again, the Tucson is more generous in terms of accessories and warranty period.


Subaru Forester

Price: from $ 29,495


Subaru Forester Wilderness

According to data compiled by the manufacturers, buyers of Rogue and Forester are currently among the oldest in the category. To rejuvenate its customers, Subaru is multiplying its variants and openly targeting leisure enthusiasts (Wilderness, our photo).

To do this, the brand with the constellation of stars relies on the efficiency of its constant-mesh all-wheel drive. This gives it remarkable traction at the cost, it must be said, of a higher fuel consumption than that of the Rogue. Also, despite the quality of construction, the Forester is not as rewarding as the Forester.


Toyota RAV4

Price: from $ 28,590


Toyota RAV4

Much like Honda’s CR-V, the RAV4 owes its popularity in large part to its consistency, reliability and diversity. Of the whole range of versions, the most interesting remain the hybrid versions because of their low appetite for fuel. Faced with these, the Snape can do nothing.

On the other hand, it compares very favorably with other versions (gasoline engines) by offering more comfortable seats, more advanced technological advances, better soundproofing and substantially equivalent consumption.


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