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Porsche introduces new infotainment system

Porsche has come a long way in recent years when it comes to infotainment systems. The manufacturer introduces this week version 6.0 of its PCM (Porsche Communication Management), a new infotainment system that will be faster, smarter and include a host of new apps.

Not so long ago, public address systems Porsche were of poor quality; we were even asked for more than $ 800 for the interface to connect our smartphone. Since then, Porsche has adapted to reality, its customers also include technophiles in search of the latest gadgets and connectivity systems.

It is with this in mind that Porsche is introducing the sixth generation of its infotainment system dubbed PCM 6.0; it will be introduced this summer on board the Porsche 911, Panamera, Taycan and Cayenne. The other models will benefit from the new system during their next redesign.

Porsche wanted to bring a more complete, faster and smarter system. Compatibility with Apple CarPlay remains, you can now connect to it wirelessly. For the first time, the PCM will also be compatible with Android Auto, however, you will have to connect to it using a wire. The new infotainment system can also be personalized, you will be able to arrange the icons as you see fit.

The PCM 6.0 also includes a voice assistant that will let you dictate a host of commands just by saying “Hey Porsche”. You will be able to perform a variety of functions while leaving your hands on the wheel. Another advantage of the new system is that it can be updated automatically via the Internet.

The system also includes Porsche Connect, which allows you to access vehicle data remotely through your smartphone and control certain functions including locking and unlocking the doors. You will be able to know the tire pressure and plan a route using the navigation system.

The application Track Precision can also help you improve your performance on the track. You will be able to record your performance data such as tire temperature, G-forces, speed while on the track and compare them to those integrated in the Porsche app. This app includes data on over 300 racing circuits all over the world.

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