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The 2022 Ford Maverick competition

The Maverick is certainly a newcomer to a forgotten market that is coming back to life. But before it, there was the Honda Ridgeline. And also arrives the Santa Cruz from Hyundai.

Honda ridgeline

Price: from $ 45,535


Ridgeline Sport 2021 with HPD Package

The Ridgeline is back in the spotlight with the arrival of the Santa Cruz (Hyundai) and the Maverick (Ford). Rugged, reliable and roomy, the Ridgeline has a lot to offer, despite a fairly steep starting price and a somewhat dated interior presentation. Its V6 consumes more despite the efforts of the nine-speed automatic transmission that accompanies it. Like the Maverick, the Ridgeline behaves like a car and does not heckle its occupants, whether the dumpster is empty or not. Its towing capacity is much greater than that of the Maverick and its bed is also more spacious.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Price: from $ 38,499


Hyundai Santa Cruz

Buyers of the most upscale version (Lariat) of the Maverick are sure to consider the Santa Cruz before making their choice. More expensive to acquire, but also better equipped, the Santa Cruz is aimed more at customers looking for a vehicle focused on leisure, even if its towing capacity is higher (2268 kg). More sophisticated, more rewarding, the interior of the Santa Cruz overshadows that of the Maverick. On the road, the Santa Cruz is just as pleasant as Ford’s offering, but its engine consumes more (10.7 L / 100 km) and its gearbox, although faster, requires more maintenance.


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