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No regular steering wheel for the Tesla Model S

During the recent refresh of the Tesla Model S, everyone praised the technical improvements made to the car, especially the version Plaid with three engines and its power of more than 1000 horsepower. The consensus on the “yoke” type steering wheel was not as strong, as several Internet users wondered if it would be possible to select a regular steering wheel. In a tweet in response to a new Tesla Model S Plaid owner, Elon musk confirmed, however, that the “yoke” steering wheel would remain the only option available.

The question was pitched to Elon Musk by Marques Brownlee, a recent owner of a Tesla Model S Plaid. He was full of praise for the car, praising the performance of the mechanics and welcoming in passing the improvements made to the equipment and the technological offer on board.

Marques Brownlee also appreciated that the squared flywheel, whose upper part is completely absent, made it easier and easier to consult the instrumentation. He also liked its shape, forcing the driver to adopt an optimal driving position. However, he criticized the tactile buttons which are placed on the two upper spokes of the steering wheel since they require too long an adjustment period. According to him, they are not intuitive.

Tesla Model S 2021

Even if his complaints have nothing to do with the shape of the steering wheel, he still called Elon Musk by asking him via Twitter if a Tesla Model S with a regular steering wheel would one day be produced. In response, Musk simply replied “No”. So it seems clear that the yoke steering wheel is here to stay.

Tesla Model S 2021

Remember, however, that some images showing Tesla Model S with a regular steering wheel were unearthed, among others on the Tesla website. This had therefore led to believe that a more classic steering wheel could have been proposed, which seems to have been excluded since. Said images have been removed from Tesla’s site.


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