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Recall of some Tesla Model 3 and Y

These are not all the problems at You’re here which are adjusted by updating the computer. There are still mechanical components which, sometimes, may fail, as evidenced by the recall of some 270 units distributed among the Model 3 and Model Y.

You’re here is forced to recall vehicles due to a problem with mounting the front suspension link. According to communications from the government, in Canada, we are talking about 270 copies distributed among the Model 3 (2019 to 2020) and Model Y (2020-2021). In the United States, for the same recall, there are 2,822 vehicles.

Vigilance to noise

Very few vehicles are affected by the recall, but owners may notice the problem before it gets too serious if they hear unusual noise from the nose gear. The repair will be done in the workshop and, of course, free of charge. Tesla also confirms that it has already modified this stage of the assembly of the Model 3 and Y on the assembly line by a simplified, but more categorical operation.

Tesla Model Y

Here is the official recall issued by Transport Canada:

Problem : On certain vehicles, the bolts that secure the front suspension side links to the subframe may have been improperly tightened. Over time, the bolts could loosen and the links could separate from the subframe. If this were to happen, there could be a sudden change in wheel geometry and loss of vehicle stability.

Security risk : A loss of vehicle stability could cause loss of control and increase the risk of an accident.

Corrective actions : Tesla to notify owners by email and arrange to schedule an inspection of the front side link bolts. The bolts will be tightened or replaced by Tesla Service as needed.

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