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Mazda wants to electrify the MX-5 the right way

Mazda recently put its electrification projects on the table. Indeed, by 2025, which gives it only four years, the manufacturer plans to present no less than 13 electrified models. Ambitious, of course, but necessary if Mazda too wants to make the transition to the world of tomorrow. But what about the MX-5, this sports car that displays the soul of the brand in terms of driving pleasure? Mazda certifies that it will make its transition to electrification with white gloves.

US Mazda spokesperson reportedly spoke to US media The Drive about it, and Ichiro Hirose, a senior Mazda executive in Japan, confirmed that the MX-5 will remain in the manufacturer’s lineup even in an electrified world.

However, its switch to electric will take place later than the other models, in 2030. In all likelihood, the famous two-seater will be the last Mazda to use a heat engine, which is logical considering the fact that it is based in a very particular segment.

So we could see a last generation of the model powered by a gasoline engine before it went electric.

2021 Mazda MX-5

Mazda certifies that, even if it will one day abandon its thermal engine, the MX-5 will remain a light, dynamic and fun to drive two-seater “roadster”. Several hypotheses are currently on the table regarding its energy transition. The next-generation model could first incorporate a mild hybridization system and then go electric.

2021 Mazda MX-5

Mazda has, however, opened the conversation on synthetic fuels that other manufacturers, such as Porsche and Toyota, are currently developing. This decision would also allow the sports car to keep its manual gearbox, an important element that contributes to its philosophy. Jinba ittai to become one with the vehicle. Mazda says it is confident that, by 2030, new technologies will have been developed, which will allow the MX-5 to evolve without losing its beloved qualities.


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