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Mugen dresses the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback

The launch of a new generation of Honda Civic is still an automotive event. The launch of the new generation – the eleventh! – however, did not spill much ink as his style is wise. Mugen, the OEM and props maker who derives from Honda, has not deviated from the very wise approach of the Honda Civic 2022 with the new performance accessories that it has just unveiled.

Only two images of a Honda Civic 2022 dressed in several accessories Mugen were unveiled. Up front, the most significant additions are the ground effects placed under the bumper. With several reliefs and even vortex generators – like the Civic Type R – they just add a little spice to the body of the compact. Note also the grille with hexagonal openings, another element for the less subtle.

On the side, the main additions are made at the bottom of the body with the ground effects that start from the front wheel and extend to the rear wheel. The typical Mugen window deflectors are also present, as are mirror covers. At the rear, the ground effect originates behind the wheel and turns the corner of the bumper before stopping at the tailpipe, here to say the least conservative. A deflector placed on the top of the trunk completes the set.

The thing that disappoints the most, however, is without a doubt the wheels. Very conservative, they seem to come from a low-end OEM rather than a company that should be the ultimate. Luckily, all the additions are black, which contrasts with the white body of the model presented, adding spice to the whole.

Honda Civic 2022

It’s a safe bet that this is just the start of the unveiling of the performance sets. The Honda Civic is still a very popular car with people who want to add a little flair to it, and OEMs know it. For now, Mugen and Honda have been stingy about the cost of the added items. Also, no availability date has been advanced for these Mugen parts.

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