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Vehicle theft: watch out for Apple AirTag

Apple introduced, some time ago, the AirTag, a tracker that allows you to track and find your objects. Just leave it in your car, hang it on your keys or slip one into your bag to find all your items using your iPhone and its “Find” application. However, it seems that thieves have also decided to use this technology to their advantage, in particular to track vehicles.

This is what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recently noticed, which received several complaints from owners, the latter having found devices AirTag not belonging to them in their vehicle, in particular under the fenders, under the bumpers or in the valve of the fuel tank cap.

They believe they were placed there to track their vehicle. Thieves have indeed adopted this technology in order to know the actions and actions of the owner of a target vehicle, luxury in many cases. Then, all they have to do is find the vehicle using the tracker and their own smartphone and steal it at the most convenient time.

A fine example of an interesting technology diverted for the benefit of criminals. Priced at just over $ 40, the AirTag emits a secure Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by devices in the “Find My” network located in the vicinity. These transmit its location to iCloud, and you can then see it on a map in the “Find My” app on your iPhone. The process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy.

A solution, but not perfect

If you have an AirTag, the application will be able to notify you that a device, which is not yours, is present in your belongings. Your iPhone will detect it, and you will receive an alert. If you still haven’t found it after a while, the AirTag will ring to alert you to its presence. According to Apple’s website, alerts only go off when the AirTag moves away from its owner.

You do, however, need to have an iPhone or the app, which is rarely the case with vehicle owners at the moment.

Since September, Toronto police have identified at least five incidents in which suspects allegedly hid AirTag devices in vehicles while parked in public places, including restaurants and shopping malls.

Following these incidents, the police decided to give some advice:

– If you have an iPhone, you may receive a notification that a foreign device remains in the area.

– If possible, park your vehicle in a garage, not outside.

– Use a device that allows you to lock your steering wheel.

– Install a lock to block access to your vehicle’s ODBC terminal.


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