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General Motors | Cadillac will present its electric Escalade this year

After the Celestiq and the Lyriq, it’s now the Escalade’s turn to be added to Cadillac’s electric portfolio. The American luxury brand confirmed last week that its flagship model will be unveiled in an electric version this year.

Unsurprisingly, the short statement contains essentially no information that can paint a portrait of the model. We know, however, that it will be named Escalade IQ.


The logo that will set this electric variant of the Escalade apart

Technically, this large SUV should be based on General Motors’ (GM) BT1 electric platform for pickup trucks and large SUVs. An Ultium battery will also be used, the capacity of which should logically be around 246.8 kWh of that used by the GMC Hummer. It will be interesting to see how much autonomy the SUV will have to ensure its adoption. A major challenge, it goes without saying.

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