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EU could allow sales of internal combustion vehicles after 2035

Currently, various countries around the world are looking for ways to reduce the amount of CO2

emitted by road vehicles. From this was born the standard prohibiting the sale of internal combustion vehicles from 2035. Despite all this, the development of eFuel is actively continuing. Moreover, some countries of the European Union are trying to make changes to the law, in order to allow the sale of internal combustion vehicles running on synthetic fuel beyond this fixed date.

Allow the sale of internal combustion vehicles after 2035?

Among the 27 Member States of the European Union, 7 have decided to join forces in order to try to bring certain modifications to this law aimed at banning the sale of internal combustion vehicles after 2035. In fact, the governments of these different countries believe in the development of synthetic fuels and claim that they would be an alternative to electric vehicles. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary have all joined the movement created by Germany. These countries would like to exempt vehicles capable of running on carbon-neutral fuels from the law.

E-Fuel Porsche 005
Photo provided by: Porsche

Moreover, manufacturers such as Porsche and Lamborghini are currently working to develop the sector of synthetic fuels. The recent opening of an eFuel manufacturing plant in Chile is a good example of the advancement of the industry in this area. Moreover, in a news item published on the website ofAutomotive News, manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari are said to be pushing to exempt vehicles running on synthetic fuels from these regulations. Does this news have a hidden link? This is possibly one of the reasons that prompted the German government to protest against the adoption of this law, in the form proposed by the European Union.

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Development of internal combustion engines continues

Despite major investments in electrification, some manufacturers are continuing to develop new internal combustion engines. This is also the case with GM. Moreover, we learned a few months ago that the American manufacturer was working on a new small 8-cylinder engine block. Today, information on the web from a report would indicate that BMW would also work on its side on a new generation of gasoline and diesel engines with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. Rumor has it that these engines are intended for the brand’s SUVs. However, the BMW manufacturer has not made any official announcement in this regard at the moment.

Engine20 Boxer20de20 Porsche
Photo provided by: RPM

A situation that could spread to the whole world?

Even if all this is happening on the European side of the globe, we are entitled to wonder if it could happen at home on the North American side. Will the development of synthetic fuels and the large-scale marketing of this new product allow an exemption from this law? Only time will tell, but we will follow this file closely, in order to keep you informed.

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