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Tesla could start advertising its vehicles

In the automotive world, Tesla is the one that does absolutely nothing like the others. For example, since the very first beginnings of the company, now more than 10 years ago, the Texas manufacturer of electric vehicles has not made any advertising to sell its models, had no marketing strategy and, above all, absolutely no public relations to interact with the media.

However, things could soon change, as Elon Musk has reportedly opened the door to the possibility of publicizing Tesla during a meeting with company shareholders. This assertion followed a question from one of the presenters about marketing.

Tesla Model 3 2023
Tesla Model 3 2023 Photo provided by: Tesla

Mr. Musk allegedly claimed that Tesla would soon try to do some publicity for its models. He then added that since his purchase of Twitter – a platform heavily dependent on advertising – his view of things has changed a lot. In his opinion, Tesla’s publicity will have to mainly focus on the unique aspects of the company in terms of innovation and technology. He adds that advertising should be both “educational and entertaining”.

Much more competition

However, there is an obvious reality that Tesla must now face: the presence of more and more competitors in the world of electric vehicles.

We also note that the manufacturer’s recent strategies to lower its prices in order to increase the volume of sales have not necessarily borne fruit. Even if Tesla is, all in all, in very good financial health with 440,808 vehicles sold during the first quarter of 2023 (up 44% compared to the previous year), these figures are not necessarily higher than at the end of 2022 when profit margins were higher.

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Tesla Model 3 2023
Tesla Model 3 2023 Photo provided by: Tesla

Add to that big spending, like building a brand new gigafactory in Mexico and a complete overhaul of how vehicles are built, and it’s clear that Tesla needs to increase sales in a market far different from it. 10 years ago. It will therefore be understood to consider the advertising model of the major manufacturers.


It is obvious that the more Tesla grows, the more it will face industry giants willing to market real competing models, it will have no choice but to advertise its vehicles and go with a well thought out marketing strategy. .

I would add that, in addition to advertising, Tesla will have to consider a Public Relations department to better solidify its relations with the media. Historically, Musk didn’t believe in such relationships, but that move has led to a lot of misinformation about the automaker.

As an automotive journalist, I find it very complicated to cover Tesla models. It is impossible for me to obtain information from the manufacturer and I have no point of contact about new features or to test new models. Finally, we have to borrow them or rent them from owners. I firmly believe that a good Public Relations department will ensure more accurate and precise information about the company.

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