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A Gran Turismo movie is coming, here’s a preview

At Consumer Electronics Show (CES)in Las Vegas, the famous video game franchise Gran Turismo powered by Polyphony Digital and Sony, has shown a trailer for the Gran Turismo movie which is set to hit theaters from August 11, 2023. Yes, you read that right: there will be a Gran Turismo movie. Tourism.

If, like me, you are a fan of this racing simulator, you must be wondering how a Gran Turismo movie can be possible. The idea behind the scenario is rather interesting and may be captivating.

Inspired by real life events

In reality, the feature film will tell the story of British racing driver, Jann Mardenborough, who in 2011, at the age of 19, won the virtual GT Academy event held in the game Gran Turismo on the Sony Playstation 3 console, in partnership with Nissan.

At the time, Jann Mardenborough had beaten 90,000 entrants. The prize for winning this competition? Drive a race car built by Nissan in the 24 Hours of Dubai. Mr. Mardenborough placed third.

In reality, this was a new project in the drafting process for rookie pilots. At Nissan, we wondered if it was possible to become a racing driver with only experience in the virtual world. Jann Mardenborough has proven that yes, it is possible. He thus became the first racing driver in history to emerge from the world of video games. Today, aged 31, he actively participates in the Japanese Super GT event.

At the cutting edge of technology

Sony is aiming for the Gran Turismo film to feature its latest camera and equipment technologies, such as the Sony Venice 2 cameras and Rialto extension/articulated arm systems. It also aims for the film to provide viewers with an immersive cinematic experience, taking up certain angles of view from the popular racing simulator. Everything can be viewed in IMAX to make the experience as sensational as possible.

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In the trailer, we also see some video techniques and how the production team does it during filming in order to add as much realism as possible to the film. Very few 3D effects will be used so that everything is as organic as possible. We even see two well-known actors in Hollywood, like David Harbour, from the popular series Stranger Things, and Orlando Bloom.

According to Sony, the Gran Turismo movie is just the first of several video game adaptations it plans to bring to the big screen. The electronics giant had already authorized the production of Unchartedin 2022, and says it wants to produce films based on the franchises of god of war and even of Twisted Metal.


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