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Cadillac unveils hybrid race car in detail

Cadillac is an American automobile manufacturer involved in motor racing. After introducing, in 2017, the Cadillac Dpi-VRthe manufacturer has won 4 consecutive times the Rolex 24 Daytona between 2017 and 2020. This endurance race will be the first event for the new series of V-LMDh racing cars, hybrid performance vehicles.

A new era

Developed in triplicate, the V-LMDHs all share the same mechanics. Powered by a new naturally aspirated 5.5-litre LMC55R V8 engine paired with an LMDh hybrid system and a 7-speed sequential gearbox, the engine in Cadillac’s new race cars will produce 670 horsepower. While that doesn’t sound extravagant given the engine size, the horsepower count is within race series specifications.

Cadillac V-LMDh
Photo provided by: Cadillac

Influenced by the concept dubbed Project GTP Hypercar, Cadillac formalizes its intention to be an important competitor in motor racing, even more so in electrified motor racing. Developed in concert by 3 divisions of the manufacturer (Cadillac Racing, Cadillac Design and Dallara), the V-LMDh series incorporates several visual elements from the Project GTP Hypercar, including similar overhead lighting and aerodynamic spoilers.

Vehicle colors were selected based on Cadillac’s V-Series emblem. This series represents the sports-oriented vehicles of the manufacturer. The Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V as well as the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing editions are just a few examples of the vehicles developed in the V series.

Cadillac Project GTP Hypercar
Photo provided by: Cadillac

The car Noh 01 will therefore be gold, the Noh 02, blue and the Noh 31, red., and each will belong to a separate racing stable. “Aesthetically, the LMDh regulations allowed us to create a vision for the car that is clearly Cadillac,” said Chris Mikalauskas, chief creative designer of the race car exterior.

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A first endurance race

The Rolex 24 at Daytona will be the first event where it will be possible to see the new series of Cadillac racing cars. The event, which will take place from January 28 to 29, 2023, consists of traveling the Daytona circuit for a period of 24 hours. Drivers and cars will be put to the test in an endurance race that will demonstrate the efficiency of this new series of cars. Although this event is the first, the V-LMDH series will compete in several races including the 1,000 Miles of Sebring and the Twelve Hours of Sebring.


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