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2023 Nissan Z GT4, a race car ready for the track

The Japanese manufacturer Nissan has unveiled the Nissan Z GT4 2023, a car developed in conjunction with its racing division NMC (Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co). Based on the production car, the 2023 Nissan Z GT4 has been heavily modified by NMC’s NISMO division in order to be able to compete with competition cars dedicated to race circuits.

The engineers of NISMO first revised the 3.0-litre VR30DDTT V6 engine in the Nissan Z to give it more power. The chassis and suspension of the Nissan Z have also been optimized, as have the driving dynamics thanks in particular to the addition of numerous parts that promote aerodynamics.

According to Nissan, the racing car has undergone numerous road tests in addition to participating in the 24 Hours of Fuji, an endurance race that took place last June. The car can also be seen at events in the Super Taikyu racing series in Japan.

“Motorsport for Nissan is the expression of our passion and unparalleled expertise. The Nissan Z continues to maintain its position as an exciting sports car that fascinates drivers with its driving dynamics and smooth powertrain, said Ashwani Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of Nissan. We are confident that this Nissan Z GT4 will be ready to write a new chapter in the 50-year heritage of the Nissan Z”.

Full details and specs of the 2023 Nissan Z GT4 will be unveiled as part of the upcoming SEMA Show 2022 which will take place from November 1st. According to Nissan, the first deliveries are scheduled for the first half of 2023. The car, which will only be homologated for the track, will be offered to professional teams, but also to performance enthusiasts.

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Nissan joins the list of manufacturers offering GT4 branded cars. It’s a safe bet that the Nissan Z GT4 will be an oddly balanced track car.


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