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Lotus Emira GT4, last lap on gasoline

The Lotus Emira GT4, the latest creation from the small English manufacturer in partnership with RML Group, sets off for the last time on the track, with a heat engine.

With a slogan like “Light is Right”, we understand that track competition is part of Lotus’ DNA. Developed in partnership with RML Group, the Emira GT4 will hit the tracks in Europe from next season. Production and design require, the quantity will initially be quite limited, but the two companies hope to expand their presence on the track in 2023.

Big size

It must be said that the Emira has great shoes to wear. It replaces the Evora GT4 which won its share of victories in the early 2010s. This car has some excellent drivers behind the wheel, like Ollie Handcook on the Nürburgring. To cope with the music, the Emira receives several modifications. We count on a new bumper with larger air intakes and above all an oversized fixed spoiler. On the wheels, the car comes with Pirelli GT4 dimensions 265 / 645R18 at the front and 305 / 680R18 at the rear.

Lotus Emira GT4 2023

Equipment manufacturers collection

Technically, Öhlins is behind the design of the double wishbone suspensions as well as the anti-roll bars. The Bosch OEM takes care of the ABS system while Alcon manufactures the discs. The engine retains the same base as the Evora with the original Toyota 3.5-liter V6. However, the power is increased to 400 hp thanks to the contribution of a TVS 1900 supercharger from Harrop. The xTrac manual gearbox has 6 gears.

Lotus Emira GT4 2023

Colin Chapman would be happy

Lotus pushes the limits of lightness for road versions. The mass of the Emira is only 1260 kilos, or 145 kilos less than the Evora it replaces (1405 kilos). Although Lotus has not disclosed the weight of the GT4, it is assumed that the mass reduction will trickle down to the GT4s.


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