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Volkswagen ID.4 2021: this summer from $44,995

Volkswagen had promised us a Electric ID.4 by summer 2021, and, despite the challenges surrounding the health crisis, the manufacturer seems to be able to honor its promises. In fact, towards the end of this summer, the automaker’s first electric SUV will hit dealerships across the country at a starting price of $ 44,994.

Volkswagen has therefore done its homework by positioning its ID.4 on a lower price scale than its direct competitors, namely the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y. In addition, this floor price will allow the ID. 4 to be eligible for the two government rebates for electric vehicles, which will reduce his final bill by $ 13,000.

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

Now, what does VW offer us for this price? A battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt hours (gross), propulsion as well as a power of 201 horsepower and a torque of 229 pound-feet. The range, according to the EPA, is estimated at 400 kilometers, which allows this compact-sized SUV to compete with smaller electric models, like the cousins ​​Hyundai Kona / Kia Soul and electric Kia Niro as well as the upcoming Chevrolet. Bolt EUV.

Volkswagen explains that a 4-wheel drive version will be added to the range a little later, without however specifying a date. This version will offer up to 300 horsepower, but the manufacturer has not yet disclosed the autonomy.

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

The ID.4 will be equipped with an internal charger with a capacity of 125 kilowatts, which will allow recharging from 5 to 80% in about 38 minutes, provided a compatible terminal is used. A heat pump will also make it possible to precondition the passenger compartment in order to ensure optimal autonomy in cold weather, which we can ourselves test during our first contact with the vehicle which will take place this summer, if everything is going as planned.

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

Like recent electric vehicles on the market, the ID.4 follows the trend and offers fully digital instrumentation as well as a multimedia system that will update remotely.

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

In its press release, Volkswagen said that several new safety technologies have been incorporated into the vehicle to protect the battery against an impact. For example, it is surrounded by an extruded aluminum frame. A base panel, also made of aluminum and replaceable, also protects it from road debris.

Volkswagen ID.4 2021

Everything looks very promising for the next electric vehicle from Volkswagen, but there is now the question of availability. At such an attractive price and with such high discounts, it is clear that Quebec consumers will get started on this vehicle. At the time of this writing, Volkswagen Canada had not yet specified the number of units that will enter our market. However, the builder assures us that the realities of Quebec have been taken into consideration. Moreover, the starting price of $ 44,994 would have been set precisely for Quebec customers. Now let’s hope that Volkswagen will deliver the goods.



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