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The electric Chevrolet Silverado will have 4 steering wheels as an option

The race is on for the electrification of full-size pickup trucks. If Ford is the first of the big three Americans to have plunged, GM does not intend to be imposed. As such, the American giant confirms that its Silverado electric will be offered with optional four directional wheels and 24-inch wheels.

In the video accompanying the press release, we can clearly see the rear wheels of the electric Chevrolet Silverado tilting to a high degree, suggesting that the possibilities of this system will be quite large. A comparison with the turning diameter of a vehicle with two directional wheels is also illustrated, obviously giving the advantage to the vehicle with four directional wheels.

According to what can be read on the GM website, the four directional wheels ” [permettent] increased agility and a tighter turning radius at low speeds, improved handling and stability at higher speeds, and excellent towing dynamics. The truck will also be optionally equipped with 24-inch wheels, a diameter never seen on a full-size truck.

This is not the first time that GM has equipped a truck with a four-wheel steering system. We should not go back that far in fact since the giant electric truck GMC Hummer EV will be equipped with it. It will also be able to move sideways thanks to the “crab walk” function, a function that may not be available on the electric Chevrolet Silverado. It should also be remembered that in 2002 GMC offered the four-wheel directional Quadrasteer system on certain light trucks, including the GMC Sierra Denali.

Chevrolet Silverado electric

GM has confirmed that the electric Chevrolet Silverado will arrive in 2025, but has not given a specific timeline. GMC will also have an equivalent with an electric truck, possibly a Sierra, announced a few weeks ago.

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