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Production of electric Chevrolet Silverado to begin in 2023

The highly anticipated Chevrolet Silverado electric will finally go into production in early 2023. It was Doug Parks, a vice president of General Motors, who confirmed the information during a conference call with investors last week.

This confirms that the full-size pickup will be a few months behind the Ford F-150 Lightning which will hit the market next spring. An electric livery of the GMC Sierra will follow, according to the words of Parks gathered by Reuters.


The Chevrolet Silverado EV will have a glass roof.

To stand out, the Silverado promises a maximum range of 644 km, which is greater than the 483 km advanced by Ford. The four-wheel steer option to aid handling is a further argument in favor of the Chevrolet pickup truck.

Note that the GMC Hummer in light truck body recently started production. This is the first model based on General Motors’ Ultium electric platform.

The electric Chevrolet Silverado will be officially unveiled on January 5 as part of the Consumer Electronics Show. We will then know more about the way in which it will decline its versions.


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