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GM will be back in the plug-in hybrid vehicle arena

General Motors was one of the first automobile manufacturers to introduce the plug-in hybrid car in North America. The Chevrolet Volt, not to name it, was a great success. In 2021, the company decided to abandon the model to focus on a purely electric future. In fact, the manufacturer then stated its intention to remove thermal engine vehicles from its catalog by 2035. Now GM is making an about-face by announcing the return of vehicles plug-in hybrids.

The 2035 goal still in mind

GM CEO Mary Barra mentioned, during a call with the group’s investors, wanting to bring plug-in hybrid technology back to the company “Our plans include the introduction of our plug-in hybrid technology on certain vehicles in North America. North “.

Chevrolet Volt 2018
Chevrolet Volt 2018

It is still too early to know which models would be introduced or converted. The CEO also did not specify the expected production schedule. However, Mary Barra clarified that future vehicles will meet the standards established by the Biden administration. “We are planning the launches to help us meet the more stringent fuel economy and tailpipe emissions standards that are being proposed.”

Recently, the American government has tightened regulations on emissions from combustion engine vehicles. The plug-in hybrid would be an interesting way to reach established plateaus, while continuing the development of purely electric models. According to Mary Barra, “Deploying plug-in technology in strategic segments will bring some of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles as the country continues to build its charging infrastructure.”

GM confirms it has no plans to stop production of electric vehicles and remains committed to meeting its 2035 target. “Let’s be clear, GM remains committed to eliminating tailpipe emissions from our light-duty vehicles by 2035,” said Mary Barra.

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Chevrolet Volt 2018
Chevrolet Volt 2018

Following in Toyota’s footsteps

GM has distinguished itself from other automobile manufacturers thanks to its approach focused first on electric vehicles. Unlike Ford or Stellantis, GM was, until recently, the only American manufacturer to put electric vehicles at the center of its priorities.

This step back will prove other manufacturers in the industry right, including Toyota, which has clearly announced that it is not only relying on electric vehicles. Toyota has publicly insisted on producing its electric vehicles alongside gasoline, fuel cell and hybrid vehicles.

The Japanese manufacturer, which was subsequently strongly criticized by environmental groups, even declared that electric vehicles would only make up 30% of its vehicles. Although some elements remain to be confirmed, GM does indeed seem to be returning to the field of plug-in hybrid vehicles.


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