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US President Joe Biden will be at the Detroit Motor Show

Earlier this week, RPM received an important notice regarding the level of security surrounding Huntington Place, Detroit. It’s that the US President Joe Biden will be there at the same time as the journalists, on September 14, 2022. Mr. Biden had also confirmed his presence on September 2 during an online conference he held in Washington. It is not yet clear what he intends to do at the Detroit Auto Show but he was categorical when he announced: “You already know, I’m a guy from chariots ! »

In all likelihood, the American president will make a tour of unveilings, especially those coming from American manufacturers, in order to take the pulse of the current automobile industry. Having changed enormously in recent years and facing many challenges, including the supply of parts which remains problematic, the automotive market is in a completely different situation than when Detroit held its last Auto Show in 2019.

There is a lack of model availability, but also a rapid energy transition where manufacturers are unboxing their new electric models one by one. Note also the fact that the Detroit Motor Show is being held for the first time in its history in September.

Historically, this Fair, once very popular, used to be held in January. Observing a loss of interest in the Motor Shows, both by consumers and manufacturers, the organizers had originally postponed it to June in order to attract more visitors.

But the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans for this iconic show. After a 3-year break due to cancellations caused by the pandemic, the organizers decided to hold it in September.

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Joe Biden’s appearance will certainly create more traffic than normal during the press day, as the media on site will want to know what the American president is doing in the Motor City. It is very likely that the president will give a few interviews and even a conference following his observations.

Several big unveilings are planned in Detroit, including Ford with its Mustang and its Super Duty worker pickup truck. Subaru also plans to lift the veil on a next-generation Crosstrek, but on the sidelines of the show instead of during the event. Other manufacturers will present models already unveiled, such as GM and its Chevrolet Silverado EV electric pickup truck, as well as the Chevrolet Blazer EV. Toyota will also have its display where it will feature the Crown, this new SUV-like sedan. Clearly, the theme of this show will be on the electrification of transport.


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