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Land Rover Defender SVX from James Bond movie up for auction

As the franchise brings its latest installment in the popular James Bond 007 film series, “Dying Can Wait,” to theaters, enthusiasts and, most importantly, collectors will have the chance to get their hands on one of the vehicles used. during the filming Spectrum released in 2015. The vehicle, a Land Rover Defender SVX, will be auctioned from November 12 to 14.

the Land Rover Defender SVX is one of a series of 10 that were manufactured by the Bowler Company for the 24e part of the James Bond 007 saga. This is a unique model handcrafted for the high performance SVO division of Jaguar Land Rover (Special Vehicle Operations)

Since the Land Rover Defender 110 had a design a little too common for the film and especially too nice to be driven by the villains, the specialists of Bowler made various transformations to make it a little dark and menacing, while raising its performance.

The British all-terrain vehicle notably benefits from a 37-inch wheel on which oversized off-road tires are mounted. The suspension was also raised, and Bilstein shocks allowed the vehicle to withstand several high-flying jumps during filming. The preparer also increased the travel of the wheel arches and stretched the fenders to cover the huge wheels. Its body is painted in Santorini black, which accentuates the ugly effect.

A roof rack, auxiliary lights and a crash bar in the front were added, as was a crash cage inside. The Diesel engine also benefits from more power, 185 horsepower rather than 120 in the case of the original mechanics.

The Land Rover Defender SVX will be auctioned in Birmingham by the firm Silverstone Auctions, as part of the 2021 edition of the NEC Classic Motor Show. He is one of the few who survived the shoot and he stars in one of the most memorable scenes, when the vehicle is hit by James Bond’s plane. Following filming, the vehicle was fully restored by the Bowler firm for sale.


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