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Maserati will launch an electric Quattroporte in 2028

The constructor Maserati, like many manufacturers, will experience a significant change within its product range. Indeed, Maserati transformed most of its cars into electric ones. The company has confirmed that its sedan, the Quattroporte, and its SUV, the Levante, will be replaced by EVs. We now know the date of introduction of these cars, but also the company’s next projects.

No sedans in the lineup for a while

The last Quattroporte rolled off the assembly line in Turin, Italy, in December 2023. The Ghibli, another sedan from the group, also had its last turn of wheels at the same time, as did the V8 engines that Maserati was still making by hand.

Maserati Quattroporte
Maserati Quattroporte

It was also at this time that we learned that the manufacturer was no longer going to market a sedan. It was then impossible to know when and if Maserati will return to the arena of luxury sports automobiles. It is now confirmed, the manufacturer is not throwing in the towel on the category, and will return in 2028 with electric cars.

It’s too early to provide concrete details about the model, but Maserati has released an interesting tidbit: Although the electric vehicle will carry the historic Quattroporte nameplate, the car will be more similar in size to the smaller Ghibli.

An electric SUV too

When it lands, the next Quattroporte will join an electric SUV described as an electric replacement for the Levante. The Levante with a thermal engine will still be produced, even without the V8 engine. It will be likely to see electric and combustion engine vehicles live together in the range, as Maserati confirms that it wants to: “let buyers decide [if they prefer V6 or electric] “.

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Maserati emphasizes that all EVs will be designed, developed and manufactured in Italy. The company has notably invested significant sums in modernizing the research and development center it operates at its headquarters in Modena.



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