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Hyundai Supernal, the first urban flights from 2028

Hyundai made a splash at THOSE (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in 2020 with the unveiling of the S-A1 concept. It is not a car, but the marriage between a drone and an airplane intended to transport passengers from roof to roof in the middle of the city.

Supernal, this is the name that will henceforth be used by the air and autonomous urban mobility division of Hyundai. Urban Air Mobility, which had supported the project since the beginning of the concept S-A1 2020 presented at CES in Las Vegas.

Certification in 2024

Beyond the name change, the most important aspect is the progress of Supernal’s project in terms of getting it started. The development of the machine is progressing rapidly. In fact, the manufacturer even assumes that it will be able to start the certification process with the US authorities as early as 2024, in a little over 2 years.

Hyundai Supernal S-A1 Concept 2020

Start-up in 2028

Obviously, certification is a long process that can require its share of changes, especially since this is a whole new branch in the world of transport. The challenge is certainly great since there is no precedent. The only industry that could come close is helicopters, and again, the differences are huge. Either way, the company wants to roll out commercially in 2028 and grow throughout the next decade.

Hyundai Supernal S-A1 Concept 2020

Electric and autonomous

Technically, the vehicle runs strictly on electricity. According to Supernal, it performs vertical takeoffs, which makes it easier to use in urban areas, especially to go from one roof to another. In addition, it will likely be able to reach a top speed of 290 kilometers per hour at a maximum altitude of 2,000 feet (600 meters). Being electric, the question of autonomy is central, we are talking about 96 kilometers here. For now, the manufacturer is not talking about a recharging, rapid or replacement solution.

For everyone

To date, Supernal has a partnership with the city of Los Angeles for a first commissioning. The company also says it is in discussions with British and Canadian authorities with a view to expanding the service.

Supernal makes a point of avoiding that its service is limited only to the elite and the wealthy. Supernal boss Jaiwon Shin explains his outlook: “By adding a new dimension to mobility, we are on a mission to transform how people and society act, connect and live. We are working to make the right product and a good market integration.

We are going to use the levers of the Hyundai Motors Group for scale manufacturing to make sure that advanced air mobility comes at the right price and is accessible to the masses. “


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