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A new small electric SUV presented in June

Many manufacturers have believed for years in the virtues of larger and larger models. Volvo, however, chose to go against the grain with its latest creation. The Swedish manufacturer will unveil on June 7 a small electric SUV called EX30.

For now, it’s hard to know where this new model will fit into the Volvo family in terms of its dimensions or its characteristics. That said, the fact that it’s called the EX30 means it’ll be even smaller than the recently updated C40 and XC40 Recharge.

A short video published by the manufacturer exposing certain tight angles of the body elements of this newborn supports this assertion. The effective slogan “Thinking small is one of our biggest ideas” (thinking small is one of our biggest ideas) too.

In an interview with the British magazine Top Gear last November, Volvo boss Jim Rowan said he wanted to target a much younger clientele with this SUV. “Gen Z is our next market. We are not addressing this generation and we have never addressed this one, but we are definitely going in this direction, ”he said, referring to this model in preparation. He felt he wanted to target “first-car buyers” with an urban SUV, reflecting an obvious desire for affordability. To be continued.

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