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Polestar no longer taking orders until 2025 models arrive

Due to higher than expected demand, the manufacturer Polestar has decided to no longer take new orders for its Polestar 2. Interested buyers must rely on models already assembled and available in inventory.

In recent days, if you go to the website of Polestar Canada in order to configure a vehicle, the configurator will display the words “Not available, end of process” in the “Estimated delivery” block. In some cases, it will search for a vehicle in inventory that matches your needs, otherwise, a button at the bottom prompts you to search for a similar vehicle in available inventory and for fast delivery to your nearest dealership.

Polestar 2 2024 11
Polestar 2 2024 Photo provided by: Polestar

Questioned on the subject, a representative of the Polestar Montreal dealership, located in Laval, confirmed the information to us. He told us that the configurator should have been closed since it is impossible to take new orders. According to the latter, the demand for vehicles would have been stronger than expected by Polestar. Still according to the latter, it should be possible to reorder a vehicle according to our tastes with the availability of 2025 models in the spring.

According to the inventory visible at the moment, there are just over 24 vehicles available for rapid delivery, 7 in single-motor rear-wheel drive version, 6x with two motors equipped with the Performance package; the others are dual-motorized and all-wheel drive versions. Prices range between $67,450 and $73,150.

For 2024, the Polestar 2 was offered at a base price of $57,600, not to mention that you had to pay $9,000 to obtain the version with 2 engines and all-wheel drive.

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