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Genesis GV60, the first electric vehicle with wireless charging?

The Genesis GV60 will become the first electric vehicle of the luxury brand of Hyundai. It was due to be introduced in late 2022 and presumably marketed as a 2022 model. The Genesis GV60 will become the first production electric vehicle that can be recharged using wireless technology, according to a report.

The leaders of Genesis have repeatedly mentioned wanting to invest in electric vehicles. The first installment of this change of direction will be the GV60, an SUV that will share its platform and technology with the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6.

This is in the context of a recent interview with Green Car Reports that the manufacturer has confirmed that the GV60 could receive a charge through wireless technology, much like you can with a smartphone. It goes without saying that this technology could be a game-changer when it comes to charging. The day when your electric vehicle will charge itself when you use a suitable parking space may not be too far away.

Still according to the report, Genesis would reserve the technology for its local market, South Korea, as part of a pilot project. The manufacturer could not confirm to the media whether the technology will be offered in other markets at a later date, but it is a safe bet that several other manufacturers will be busy developing their own technology as well. However, all will have to agree on a common standard, which is non-existent for the moment.

According to what is allowed to learn, the Hyundai group is collaborating with the firm WiTricity to develop the technology. The latter claims that it has the technology to produce an induction charging capacity with a power of 11 kilowatts.

If Genesis were the first to introduce it, it would have a strong selling point against several other rivals.


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