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Genesis unveils its first electric SUV, the GV60

It has been a few years since Genesis insists that its future is electric, an aspect that was not reflected in the most recent models launched by the manufacturer, all with heat engines. However, with the recent unveiling of electric vehicles built on a dedicated platform at Hyundai (IONIQ 5) and Kia (EV6), it was only natural for Genesis to follow the parade. This is precisely what the luxury manufacturer has just unveiled with the GV60.

You don’t have to be a bloodhound to realize that the Genesis GV60 shares most of its components with other models using the Hyundai group’s E-GMP platform. Indeed, the proportions and even certain aesthetic aspects are quite similar to the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6, two vehicles which will arrive on the market shortly.

Famous but flamboyant style

Nonetheless, Genesis offers a very unique stylistic approach on the outside. If the headlights with two elongated and superimposed lenses persist, the grille is completely different from that of the existing models. In fact, the shape remains almost the same, but it is bigger and especially lower on the GV60. Note that this large radiator grille also has the function of supplying a large amount of air to the battery cooling system.

In profile, the wheels attract attention first, but certainly not as much as the sloping roofline to the rear. The chrome line in the upper part of the windows contributes to this accentuation, in addition to being split near the rear quarter to energize the whole but above all to recall the electric motorization which is located under the body. The motorized and retractable handles contribute to the efficiency of the aerodynamics and bare the side of the vehicle, otherwise quite uncluttered.

Genesis GV60

At the rear, the lights in two horizontal segments are highlighted by the imposing spoiler which takes place on the tailgate. The corner of the vehicle is rounded and the bottom of the bumper mimics a kind of diffuser.

Circular cabin

The presentation of the passenger compartment cannot – it either – camouflage its link with the other accomplices using the E-GMP platform since the general shapes and the feeling of release remain the same. The vibe is more “Art Deco” in the Genesis GV60, however, courtesy of the circular shapes found in the air vents, steering wheel, door handles and console controls.

Genesis GV60

One of these circular commands placed in the floating console is called “Crystal Sphere”; this serves as a decorative element when the vehicle is stationary, but it pivots when the ignition is switched on so that it acts as a gear lever. Like the other Genesis models, this sphere is accompanied by a wheel used to control the infotainment system with a large screen, probably 13 or 14 inches. The floating center console provides storage space but also gives a large space between the front seats, also having a flat floor.

Genesis GV60

Although few details have been released on the vehicle’s equipment, the footage shows a camera system serving as side mirrors. A camera placed on each of the doors transmits, on a screen placed inside, the image of what is happening on either side of the vehicle. Fully digital instrumentation, heated and ventilated seats, paddles controlling regenerative braking and a “Boost” mode on the steering wheel are all elements that the photos show and that will undoubtedly be found in the production vehicle.

Genesis GV60

Unknown engine

Apart from the fact that it is openly a vehicle equipped with an electric motor, no data was confirmed during the launch.

It’s a safe bet that there will be similarities with other models from the E-GMP platform. These models offer two battery options – 58 kilowatt hours and 77.4 kilowatt hours – as well as three powertrain options – 230-horsepower rear-wheel drive, 320-horsepower all-wheel drive, and 576-horsepower all-wheel drive. However, it would be logical that the Genesis does not offer, for example, a rear-wheel drive version, given the more luxurious and exclusive character of the brand. A larger capacity battery would not be incongruous either.

E-GMP platform

This therefore means that the Genesis GV60 will be able to accept a high charging rate. Indeed, the other models of the group can recover 80% of the load in just 18 minutes, a clear advantage compared to a variety of models currently available on the market.

E-GMP platform

Pricing and availability

As this is the first foray into the world of electric vehicles for Genesis, very few details are available at this time. The price is not announced and we will have to wait until the approach of the date of arrival on the market, expected somewhere in 2022, to find out more. So it has to be assumed that the GV60 will be of the 2023 model year.


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