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The City Transformer, the electric car that expands as you wish

With its smart look, the City Transformer is a small electric car intended for urban areas. It is distinguished by its ultra small size which requires 75% less space to park it, but above all, by the fact that it can be transformed. It is able to expand or shrink depending on your needs.

This week is the 2021 Munich Mobility Fair, an event focused on mobility and replacing the traditional Frankfurt Motor Show. It is within the framework of the event that the City Transformer has been unveiled.

The car is described as a smart solution for those who need to get around cities. Its particularity is that the vehicle can be widened or shortened by 400 millimeters according to your needs, hence its name “Transformer”.

The City Transformer can therefore be configured in two modes, City and Performance. The first allows you to slip through traffic like a motorcycle and park in much more compact places while the Performance mode offers a more efficient and comfortable ride, a benefit provided by a longer car.

According to the manufacturer, which is based in Tel Aviv, four City Transformers can park in a conventional parking space, saving a lot of space for a city. What’s more, you will have 10 times more chance of finding a space, the car being able to park in a space of only one meter.

Much greener

In terms of engine, the car has two electric motors of 7.5 kilowatts, for a total of 15 kilowatts, which allows it to cross from 0 to 50 km / hour in about 5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The set of lithium-ion batteries allows an estimated range of 180 kilometers according to the manufacturer.

Its reduced size also makes it possible to reduce by 90% the parts necessary for its manufacture compared to a gasoline car, by 50% if we compare it to another electric vehicle.

The most interesting ? Its base price which would be estimated at US $ 15,000.

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