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The Chrysler Airflow concept is dead; it would be replaced by another concept

Currently, things are brewing at Stellantis. After announcing that it was pausing construction of its battery component plant in Windsor, Ontario, due to insufficient financial assistance from the federal government, the automaker is now announcing that one of its highly anticipated electric models, the Chrysler Airflow, is cancelled. The production version will never see the light of day. This decision is strange since there has been more than one iteration of this concept, not to mention a flamboyant unveiling which took place during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in 2022.

According to what we could recently read in an article published by the American media MotorTrend, this last minute decision would come from Chris Feuell, the CEO of Chrysler within Stellantis. According to what this source reports, Mr.me Feuell absolutely wants a vehicle that will allow Chrysler to truly assert itself in the electric vehicle segment. In his opinion, this vehicle absolutely has to be an SUV. His decision therefore buries any intention of the manufacturer to market the Airflow sedan.

According to Ralph Gilles, head of design at Stellantis, the Airflow was a fine design exercise that hinted at the design language of future Chryslers; and this concept is nothing next to this mysterious SUV that the manufacturer is preparing. In his opinion, this vehicle will quickly make us forget the Airflow as it will reimagine the electric SUV segment.


We don’t yet know what kind of electric technology will sit under the body of this SUV, or when the automaker plans to roll it out, but it’s clear that Chrysler needs something new in its lineup, especially electric models. To date, Stellantis still does not sell any zero-emission models in our territory.

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Remember that, at the beginning of 2023, the American automaker had only two models in its range, the Pacifica and the 300, which will disappear in 2024. Chrysler will therefore have to rely heavily on a new electric model in order to regain consumer confidence.

I personally liked the look of the Airflow, but I completely understand M’s decision.me Feuell to prioritize an SUV because that’s what North American consumers want. Stellantis will have to act quickly, however. The electric vehicle industry is changing so rapidly that the longer a manufacturer delays rolling out a model, the more expensive it will be for them to do so.

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