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Infiniti launches all-new 2022 QX60

When Nissan introduced its next-generation Pathfinder last spring, it was only a matter of time before the Infiniti QX60 – its mechanical twin – also goes under the knife. Indeed, it is finally a whole new version. Here are all the details about it.

The unveiling of the Infiniti QX60 2022 was done online. RPM was invited to take part in a discussion with the stylists, marketing, marketing and product planning at Infiniti.

And we had several questions for them, because the QX60 is an important vehicle for Infiniti. Remember that the manufacturer’s sales have not been going very well for some time, and that the range is seriously lacking in novelties. So we were curious to see what the QX60 will bring to the category.

Infiniti QX60 2022


Mechanics known, but still no hybrid

Unsurprisingly, it is based on the same architecture as a Pathfinder, which is actually just a modified version of its predecessor. It therefore sports substantially the same dimensions as its cousin, but displays a much more unique design.

Like the QX60 Monograph concept, introduced in September 2020, this new QX60 has a more imposing appearance thanks to its dominant front end, organic lines, slim LED headlights and receding roofline. We also notice huge fake chrome exhaust pipes that will certainly not be unanimous.

Infiniti QX60 2022

Only one engine has so far been confirmed for our market. This is the same 3.5-liter V6 as before. It also puts out the same output of 295 horsepower and produces the same torque of 270 pound-feet. Nothing has been said about an alternative powertrain like a turbocharged 4-cylinder, a hybrid or an electric variant.

The QX60, however, ditched its continuously variable transmission (CVT) in favor of a regular 9-speed automatic transmission. This comes from the German supplier ZF. Infiniti explained this decision to us by the fact that it wanted to better equip its SUV for towing. The QX60 can now tow up to 2,721 kilos (6,000 pounds) unlike its predecessor which was limited to 2,267 kilos (5,000 pounds). In addition, all-wheel drive will be standard for our market.

Infiniti QX60 2022

Much more chic interior

Being a luxury vehicle, the QX60 is especially making giant strides in terms of its interior. Not only is it much more modern than its predecessor, it’s also better put together. Several improvements have been made to the access side to the third row of seats. For example, the movement mechanism of the second row seat has been completely redesigned. Infiniti also took the opportunity to redesign the shape of the rear wing, thus facilitating access to the vehicle. However, we will have to test it to confirm these claims.

Infiniti QX60 2022

Oddly enough, even though it sits on the same platform as before, the QX60 loses a few liters of cargo space. When the backrests of the two-row seats are folded, it can only swallow 2,135 liters of merchandise unlike its predecessor which could accommodate up to 2,157 liters.

Infiniti QX60 2022

Some exclusives

Infiniti took care to review the quality of materials, door trim and seats. The QX60 differs from a Pathfinder in particular by its dashboard which places less emphasis on robustness and more on luxury. There is a large metal strip that integrates the air vents and door interiors that are specific to the model.

Infiniti QX60 2022

The steering wheel, center console layout and digital instrumentation are all unique to the QX60. The 12.3-inch multimedia display is also exclusive to this model, but Infiniti has yet to disclose whether it is the same interface as a Pathfinder. This would offer standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity, as well as a WiFi hotspot (subscription required).

Infiniti QX60 2022

Like the Pathfinder, the QX60 will incorporate a new all-wheel drive equipped with viscocouplers (of the reactive type). It will allow its owner to adjust the vehicle in seven different driving modes.

No price has yet been confirmed for the 2022 Infiniti QX60. These will be announced a few weeks before the vehicle goes on sale, towards the end of the year. By then, we will have tested it to give you our impressions.

Infiniti QX60 2022

RPM’s opinion

Infiniti needed a new QX60 in order to remain relevant to consumers. However, several new competitors have joined the category. Now there’s the Genesis GV80, Cadillac XT6, Lincoln Aviator, and a new Acura MDX. All of these models could give the QX60 a hard time. So how will he manage to stand out?

Infiniti QX60 2022

I asked the folks at Infiniti who told me that consumers will prioritize the QX60 for its design and its “luxury and prestige” “experience”.

Infiniti QX60 2022

Truly ? Because when looking at the sales of the latest model – which stood at around 24,000 copies per year in North America against more than 55,000 Acura MDXs – consumers seemed rather to look elsewhere than to prioritize Infiniti for its prestige experience. .

Infiniti QX60 2022

However, if the QX60 is to pull its head out of the water in this very hot category, it will have to do more than offer a good V6 engine and an eye-catching design. It will have to sell competitively, and most importantly, offer some form of electrification along the way. To be continued.

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