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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT, a phantasmagorical concept

Volkswagen does not offer version GTI, R or performance in the range ofAtlas. This does not mean, however, that the manufacturer does not want to have a little fun with its midsize SUV by showing us the concept. Atlas Cross Sport GT.

Volkswagen no longer has the same reputation when it comes to driving pleasure. Just think of the previous generations of Jetta or Passat. We can even go for the SUVs of “the time” with the first versions of the Tiguan and the Tuareg all of which were very fun to drive. Since the Americanization of production, the smile behind the wheel is noticeably less broad.

Volkswagen remains despite everything a manufacturer where there are many enthusiasts who will always seek to put the possibilities for each vehicle at the forefront. This week, the Atlas Cross Sport is offered a GT in the form of a concept.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept 2021Certainly very original, the “Kingfisher” blue paint captivates the eye. It is all the more striking that we take up the color in the 22-inch ABT Sport HR Aerowheel rims. In terms of tires, Volkswagen opts for Yokohama Advan Sport V105 UHP.

Still in the wheel wells, the suspensions are “crushed” on the ground while integrating the technology of the ST Suspension preparer with the XTA Plus 3 model. As for the brakes, we do not skimp. The GT gets 8 piston front calipers made by the manufacturer Tarox.

Volkswagen Altas Cross Sport GT Concept 2021Under the hood, the GT is no exception. We take the EA888 engine from the Golf R, or a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. We add an IS38 turbo as well as the radiator of the Golf R MK7. On account, Volkswagen claims that the GT has an output of over 300 horsepower. This is not a big surprise considering that the 4-cylinder of the Golf R develops at the base 315 horsepower.

Volkswagen Altas Cross Sport GT Concept 2021There are also several changes in the interior. The blue “eisvogel” is in the spotlight. This color is applied to the console, the steering wheel, the doors and even the recaro Sportster CS seat covers. We also find these seats focused on sporting behavior in the four seats on board. The fifth passenger is sacrificed, but Volkswagen says all modifications to the cabin are vegan.

You might think that Volkswagen wants to compete with the Ford Edge ST ; This is unfortunately not the case. The Atlas Cross Sport GT will remain a concept. You can’t even hope for an appearance set like the Atlas Basecamp does.


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