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Electric Cars

Rivian wins race by starting production of his R1T pickup truck

U.S. electric vehicle maker Rivian has kicked off production of its R1T electric pickup truck, cutting the rug out from under Ford, General Motors and Tesla in this frenzied marathon.

This new van therefore becomes the first to reach the production stage, while all manufacturers are still mired in the shortage of parts. The first copies of the model should arrive in Canada in January, according to projections on the manufacturer’s website.

Sizing between those of a single cab F-150 and a double cab F-150, the R1T will only be offered with a rather short body length of 1.37 m. It will make use of four electric motors providing all-wheel drive and producing a total power of 835 hp (!) And a maximum torque of 908 lb-ft. The R1T can tow up to 4,990 kg, but its range of 480 km or 640 km will melt by half, according to Rivian’s estimates.

The emphasis is on his skills off the beaten track. It can navigate in water up to a depth of 91 cm and its obstacle approach angle of 35 degrees and its ground clearance of 38 cm promise a certain ease in this context.

Obviously, there is a price associated with these proven feats. The R1T requires an outlay of $ 90,000 for the entry-level version. To this must be added $ 14,000 to increase the range from 480 km to 640 km. Rivian will also gradually roll out its own network of charging stations in Canada and the United States, the charging power of which should eventually reach 300 kW. It is to be continued.

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