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Dead and buried: The Ford Bronco pickup truck

Did the idea of ​​making a version Van of Ford Bronco was good? Yes, totally, especially considering the success of the Jeep Gladiator. But no, Ford won’t.

It cannot be said that the Ford Bronco had an easy birth. Design delays, COVID-19 which is putting a brake on its launch and severe roof problems that will eventually require a major recall of the 4-door versions. While many hoped that Ford continues its offensive against the Jeep Gladiator by offering a pickup version of the Bronco, we learn that Ford has no will to go ahead with the concept.

Speculations were rife

It must be said that Ford has never committed to the idea of ​​making a van based on the Bronco. Speculators and fans of the genre quickly assumed that if Jeep did, Ford would too. Several even suggested that 2024 would be the year of the launch. However, unless there is a turnaround, all of this will not happen. With Ford’s recent assertion, we simply wanted to put an end to the rumors which often become very strong pressures for manufacturers.

Ford Bronco 2022

Ford was going to do it, but …

Ford had never confirmed it, but, according to the publication Automotive News informed by people well acquainted with the situation at Ford, development had begun. The information, however, highlighted the fact that Ford has reached out to its suppliers and OEMs to advise them that the Bronco pickup truck project is being removed from the brand’s product planning.

Jeep Gladiator Mojave 2020

While the idea and concept of a Bronco pickup truck is interesting, it has to be put in perspective from Ford’s vision. The company already has a host of pickup trucks in its ranks with the Maverick, the Ranger, and the full, endless F-Series lineup. Plus, the Bronco is already largely based on the Ranger, so for Ford there was a real risk of cannibalization of sales between models. The Bronco pickup would necessarily be more extreme than the Ranger Tremor, but Ford doesn’t see the need for it. Pity.

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