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BMX xm concept is a high performance electric car in the making

BMW had already confirmed that its electric SUV, the iX, would receive its high performance M version. However, the manufacturer happens to have other plans for electrified SUVs. Last week, through its Twitter account, BMW posted just one image of the grille of a concept named XM. But what is it all about?

Based on what we got as information about the BMW xm, it would be a very high performance SUV that would be added to the manufacturer’s M family. Yes, BMW already makes the X3, X4, X5 and X6 M, but it has never marketed an SUV that was designed just to perform. In all likelihood, this is precisely what she intends to do with the XM.

Several rumors say that it would be a vehicle powered by a plug-in hybrid engine, and not purely electric. In addition, it would be the most powerful production vehicle ever released by the manufacturer, with an output that would total 740 horsepower.

To come up with such high numbers, the XM would be powered by the new V8 engine that BMW is currently developing. Better known by its code name S68, this V8 – which would be the last the automaker will produce before going all-electric – would incorporate some form of electrification to allow it to produce power and torque beyond anything. that BMW currently manufactures. It is also this same engine that could be found under the hood of the next generation of the M5.


But the XM could also offer a less powerful, but still electrified powertrain, around 650 horsepower thanks to the use of a hybrid version of its popular 3.0-liter 6-cylinder. This is an engine that BMW is currently using to power several models.

If we trust the manufacturer’s Twitter account, a first concept of the XM will be unveiled next Monday, November 29, 2021. However, we should be patient for the production model, because it will not be marketed before 2023. However, we could see the first official images of the final vehicle appear early next year.


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