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A collector’s edition will mark the end of the 6th generation of the Chevrolet Camaro

There Chevy Camaro needs no introduction. It saw the light of day in 1966, and the model was GM’s answer to the Ford Mustang that became its eternal rival. Four generations were then marketed before the model, assembled at the GM plant in Boisbriand, was withdrawn from the market in 2002. It will be necessary to wait until 2009 to see the Camaro resuscitate, pushed by its main role in the film Transform.

While the 6e generation has been traveling our roads since 2016, the Chevrolet Camaro is once again coming to the end of its course. Indeed, we learned last March that production of the Chevrolet Camaro will cease in January 2024.

To underline the whole thing, GM decided to offer a set Final Collector’s Editionor Collector’s Edition 2024. It is a set of equipment which, with its characteristics, reconnects with the appellation Pantherthe code name of the original program that gave birth to the Camaro in the 1960s.

“For decades, Camaro loyalists have known that the codename Panther lurks behind the scenes in our history,” said Rich Scheer, director of design at Chevrolet. “Selected colors and tones that represent panthers used throughout the vehicle, the Collector’s Edition officially recognizes the significance of the codename and the 6e generation of the Camaro. »

According to GM, this package, aimed at collectors, equips the LT/RS, LT1 and SS versions with exclusive Panther black paint, black decorative stripes, 20-inch wheels in satin black finish or polished wheels forged in option. Offered on the coupe or convertible, the front aerodynamic kit, included in the 1LE package, is standard, while the coupes receive, as a bonus, the rear spoiler from the same package.

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Chevrolet Camaro 3
2024 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Collector’s Edition Photo provided by: Chevrolet

Also on ZL1 version

True enthusiasts will definitely want to get the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Collector’s Edition, the model’s performance icon. It is equipped with the LT4 engine of 650 horsepower and will have only 350 copies for all of North America.

It is distinguished by a black exterior color, but with a matte finish, a first for the model. A black ZL1 metallic stripe, red brake calipers and the black wheel nuts complete the exterior design. Inside, the 350 vehicles have a number plate identifying their production order, from 1 to 350.

All collector’s editions of the Camaro feature badging on the front fenders, and the steering wheel features a panther in the “R”.

Chevrolet Camaro 5
2024 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Collector’s Edition Photo provided by: Chevrolet


Despite its qualities, the Chevrolet Camaro never managed to reach the level of sales of the Ford Mustang. The two cars have never stopped competing, and each model has its share of ardent defenders. Sports coupes don’t have it easy these days, we wonder if electrification will succeed in bringing them a revival! For the moment, it is not known what will happen to the Chevrolet Camaro in the future.

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