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Electrify Canada will rename its charging stations to simplify their use

In fact, many consumers have difficulty differentiating between the units of measurement used in the world of electric vehicles (EVs): kilowatts, kilowatt hours, volts are all units that mix more than one. It is therefore in this perspective that Electrify Canada aims to simplify its network of charging stations by integrating the concept of charging stations Ultra fast and Hyper-Fast.

In the name of simplification

At the time of this writing, three types of charging stations are marketed by Electrify Canada in the country. There are 32 stations across Canada, and charging stations of the 50, 150 and even 350 kilowatt types are distributed from coast to coast. Although Electrify Canada has not announced an exact date, the company confirms that in the near future these names will change.

The 150 kilowatt terminals will then bear the name Ultra-Rapide, and the labels on these terminals will be green. Then, two pictograms in the form of lightning will be affixed to it, in addition to indicating the charging power “150 kilowatts” in smaller characters.

For the 350 kilowatt Hyper-Rapid terminals, a turquoise tint will be affixed to the label instead, and this time, three lightning-shaped pictograms will be inscribed on it. The charging power of 350 kilowatts will also always be indicated there in smaller characters. Finally, for the slowest charging station of the lot, the 50 kilowatt one, it will retain the same characteristics that it currently offers.

This simplification of the labels is therefore carried out in the following perspective, according to Electrify Canada: “The designations “Hyper-fast” and “Ultra-fast” will be clearly indicated on redesigned labels to communicate in a simple and efficient way the charging power offered on the charging stations of the Electrify America and Electrify Canada networks. »

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A new form of terminal

The company also revealed that a new type of charging station would soon see the light of day, namely the symmetrical power station. Symmetrical power charging stations are usually located side by side and share a power bay.

This technology distributes power between electric vehicles while charging, as charging limits vary from vehicle to vehicle.

For example, if an electric Kia Niro, whose maximum fast-charging power is 85 kilowatts, is connected to a symmetrically powered station, and there is already an EV with higher charging power on the other charging station, the software may be able to allocate the station’s remaining power to this second EV.


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