Toyota Yaris

What are the best tyres for a toyota yaris?

Other recommended Toyota tyre options for the Yaris include the Continental ContiEcoContact3 tyres, the Pirelli P3000 tyres and the Bridgestone ER30 tyres.

What size Tyres does a Toyota Yaris have?

185/60 R15

Which TYRE make is best?

1. Bridgestone.

2. Get quotes to Change Tyres.

3. Michelin.

4. Goodyear.

5. Continental.

6. Pirelli.

7. Get quotes to Change Tyres.

8. All about Tyres, Tyre change, Winter Tyres and Rims.

What brand of TYRE lasts the longest?

Michelin was a standout in our latest tests. The three Michelin models we rated all met or exceeded their mileage warranty. But the longest-wearing tire came from Pirelli. We estimate that the Pirelli P4 FOUR SEASONS Plus could last a whopping 100,000 miles.1 oct. 2015

What oil does Toyota use?

5W-30 Motor Oils Motor oil grade 5W-30 is recommended for all Toyota engines.

What oil do I need for my Toyota Yaris?

Essentially, you need to use oil that is the recommended viscosity….Engine oil: what the digits mean.TOYOTA MODELRECOMMENDED ENGINE OIL GRADEAygo0W-16Yaris0W-16GR Yaris0W-20Yaris CrossTBC14 autres lignes

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What should the TYRE pressure be for a Toyota Yaris?

Toyota tyre pressure and size guideMODELTYRE SIZEPRESSURE REARYaris185/65 R152.2 bar or 32 psiYaris195/55 R162.0 bar or 29 psiYaris205/45 R172.0 bar or 29 psiGR Yaris225/40 R182.0 bar or 29 psi30 autres lignes

What size rims Fit Toyota Yaris?

SizeFits: Toyota Yaris (06-12) 15 Inch – 15×5.5″Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter)100 MillimetersWheel Backspacing4.9 MillimetersRim Size15 InchesProduct Dimensions15 x 5.5 x 16 inches; 22 Pounds5 autres lignes

Is 28 tire pressure too low?

Most passenger vehicles recommend 33 to 35 psi. At 28 psi, you’re running a little low and really should get them aired back up. That’s not what I would call alarmingly low, but anything more than three or four pounds below normal can cause handling problems and increases the potential for a blow-out.28 oct. 2018

What are the worst tire brands?

1. Firestone Destination Tires.

2. Falken Ziex Tires.

3. Carlisle Tires.

4. Low-End General Tires.

5. Westlake Tires.

6. AKS Tires.

7. Goodyear – G159.

8. GeoStar Tires.

What is the number 1 tire brand?


What month is best to buy tires?

The best time to buy tires is during April and October. These two months have been tracked as being the best time of year to purchase new tires. The reason for the deals in April is because it’s right before vacation season. Travel is big during the summer months, and many people choose to take road trips.

Can tires last 100 000 miles?

Its warranty is 80,000 miles, but Consumer Reports projects just 35,000. Tread-life testing some tires last much longer. … They claim 90,000 miles, and Consumer Reports estimates they’ll go 100,000. If your tires wear out before the mileage warranty, don’t expect to get all your money back.24 sept. 2015

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What brand of TYRE is the quietest?

1. Michelin Primacy MXV4 Radial Tire.

2. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire.

3. Hankook Optimo H727 All-Season Tire.

4. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial.

5. Yokohama ENVigor All-Season Tire.

6. Michelin Defender All-Season Radial Tire.

7. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Radial Tire.

How many miles should Michelin tyres last?

According to the RAC, the average front tyre will last 20,000 miles. Rear tyres could have double the lifespan on a front wheel-drive vehicle.

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