Toyota Yaris

What size tyres for toyota yaris?

2018 Toyota YarisRim SizeTire SizesToyota Yaris Options15-Inch175-65-15LLE16-Inch195-50-16SE

What size rims Fit Toyota Yaris?

SizeFits: Toyota Yaris (06-12) 15 Inch – 15×5.5″Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter)100 MillimetersWheel Backspacing4.9 MillimetersRim Size15 InchesProduct Dimensions15 x 5.5 x 16 inches; 22 Pounds5 autres lignes

What size tire does a 2008 Toyota Yaris have?

Toyota Yaris 2008 1.5iTireRim175/65R14 81S5Jx14 ET45OE185/60R15 84T5.5Jx15 ET46OEil y a 3 jours

What TYRE size can I fit?

Equivalency tableRim widthMinimum tyre widthIdeal tyre width6,5 Inches185 mm195 or 205 mm7,0 Inches195 mm205 or 215 mm7,5 Inches205 mm215 or 225 mm8,0 Inches215 mm225 or 235 mm12 autres lignes

How much are Toyota Yaris tires?

Normal Toyota Yaris tires are priced between $150 – $350 per tire, however, High-performance tires can cost anywhere between well over $500. You won’t naturally need expensive tires, but you can call one of our Toyota skilled advisors to learn more about the price of certain tires for your automobile.

What size tires does a 2010 Toyota Yaris have?

Toyota Yaris 2010 1.5iTireRim175/65R14 81S5Jx14 ET45OE185/60R15 84T5.5Jx15 ET46OE

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What size tires does a 2009 Toyota Yaris have?

Toyota Yaris 2009 1.5iTireRim175/65R14 81S5Jx14 ET45OE185/60R15 84T5.5Jx15 ET46OE

How do you read tire size?

How long will a 2008 Toyota Yaris last?

The Toyota Yaris can last roughly up to 300,000 miles.26 sept. 2020

Is a 2008 Toyota Yaris a good car?

What size tires fit 20×10 wheels?

Recommended tire sizes for a 20×10. 5 rimTire sizeWheel diameterPopularityP 285/25 R2025.6″1%P 235/30 R2025.6″5%P 295/25 R2025.8″1%P 245/30 R2025.8″16%24 autres lignes

Is wider tires better?

From a safety point of view, both types have their good sides: On a dry road, wider tires will offer more grip than narrow ones, but the risk of aquaplaning will be higher with wide tires. … Narrow tires also work better than wider ones in loose snow and slush.25 avr. 2019

Can you drive with different size tires?

If you choose to drive your vehicle with mismatched wheels the same issues can result. Mismatched wheels will fit each tire differently causing uneven wear and tear. In addition, different sized wheels can lead to different sized tires which can be detrimental to your vehicle.20 déc. 2016

What size tires go on a Toyota Corolla?

Winter / Snow Tire Size The Corolla is shod with 195/65R15 (L Trim Level) or 205/55R16 (LE and S Trim) tires as Original Equipment sizes.

What size wheels does a Toyota Corolla have?

Toyota Corolla Wheel SizeCorolla Bolt Pattern (Lug Pattern)PCD 4×100 See AdaptersCenter bore (hub bore)54.1 mm Use Hub Centric RingsThread size (Lug Nut Size)M12 x 1.5 Lug NutsStock Rim Sizes Range14x5.0 – 18×7.5 HubcapsTire sizes175/65 R14 , 185/65 R14 , 195/55 R15 , 205/45 R16 , 205/40 R17 , 215/35 R181 autre ligne

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