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Toyota launches accident assistance application

Having an accident, even a slight one, can make us lose our means. Toyota is fully aware of this and, to help us see it more clearly, now offers a smartphone application. She wants to be a post-collision assistant which gives us the different steps to follow.

Toyota is launching a new app that no one will want to try unless they have to. Why so much reluctance? This is an application that guides us through the process to follow after an impact or an accident with a vehicle. Toyota Where Lexus. Even if no one wants to use it, its functions have a very simple goal, to make the experience of an accident as stress free as possible.

Owners of a 2018-present Toyota or Lexus vehicle who have the Safety Connect smartphone app will be able to install this additional accessory. Developed in partnership with CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. and insurance company P&C, thecollision assistance (Collision Assistance) can detect if an impact has occurred.

Lexus Post-Collision Assistant

In a computerized manner, the application sends a message to the driver to validate his state of health and that of his passengers. What are the different steps to follow is then described. The list includes: calling emergency services if necessary, collecting documentation for insurers, obtaining quotes for repairs and even directing us to a workshop that will take care of restoring the Toyota or Lexus to its original state. and, of course, the insurer claims process.

Lexus Post-Collision Assistant

Toyota Motor North America Connected Technologies Representative Steve Basra explains his vision for the app: “Safety is most important to our consumers. The minutes after an accident can be critical, with drivers often confused and unsure of what to do. By integrating Collision Assistance into the Owner’s App, we provide help when it’s needed most. (…) We offer additional security and peace of mind. “

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022

Unfortunately, we have received confirmation from Toyota Canada that the “Collision Assistance” app will not be available in Canada.

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