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Acura enthusiast transforms two NSXs for camping

The automotive world has not finished impressing us with its eccentricities. This time it was an Acura NSX enthusiast who decided to create a camping set from his 1996 Acura NSX and another, cut in half, as a trailer. The result is not only unusual, but it could well convince the most recalcitrant to embark on the adventure of camping.

As we know, the value ofAcura NSX Generation 1 has literally exploded in recent years to the point where owners now have a valuable collector’s item in their hands. The Acura NSX literally turned the exotic segment upside down at the time thanks to its price and level of performance. We all remember the ad that summed up the car “Ferrari? no daddy, Acura. “

Chris Cut, a wild camping enthusiast, decided to turn his 1996 Acura NSX into a vehicle suitable for camping. In order to reach the most remote places, he equipped it with a suspension that can be raised by 8.5 inches (216 millimeters) to cross the most rocky paths. He did not stop at this stage. He decided to use another half of Acura NSX to turn it into a trailer.

A second life to the other NSX

While some might have been shocked at the idea of ​​cutting an NSX in half, Chris Cut mentions that he used a badly damaged vehicle, twice rather than once, and therefore unrecoverable. He mentions that he instead gave it new life rather than just sending it to the scrapyard.

Chris therefore used this trailer to make his NSX even more practical, including allowing him to carry more personal belongings and setting up his tent on the roof. This new project freed up space on the other NSX and accommodated an additional storage box on the roof.

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Of course, he made sure to match the set in the same color and using the same trims and rims, which is arguably what brings the most impact to the set. The trailer is legal, he hooked up the taillights and turn signals to the main vehicle.

Fans can follow the development of the project on the Youtube channel of the author.

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