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Lamborghini | A hybrid V8 derived for the successor to the Huracán

Many people are mourning the departure of the engaging and melodious V10 which powered the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracán for around twenty years. The recent end of life of this repertory mechanic, announced without an immediate replacement, has left the field open to intense speculation. We now know that the eight-cylinder heiress promises to be exceptional.

Lamborghini presented last week the main technical outlines of this new engine even before the unveiling of the design, or even the name of the descendant of the Huracán. The identity pillar of a future supercar that could be called Temerario, this 4.0L twin-turbo V8 was entirely developed in Sant'Agata Bolognese. It is equipped with a crankshaft with flat crankpins (flat-plane crank in English) allowing it to have an extraordinary maximum rotation speed of 10,000 rpm.

Like the Revuelto's V12, this engine will be supported by a trio of electric motors: two at the front and one coupled to the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Lamborghini specifies that this ensures a nice linearity of the power range with the excess electric torque. Speaking of power, it will exceed 887 hp, which is significantly more than the outgoing Huracán Tecnica (630 hp) while ahead of the legendary Porsche 918 Spyder (874 hp). A new opus promised by the end of the year which should be quite breathtaking.

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