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Dodge Challenger and Charger will survive at least until 2024

Chrysler LLC, FCA and Stellantis. These are the three company names under which the most recent generation of cars from the LX platform have been sold: Dodge charger, Dodge challenger and also the Chrysler 300. This highlights the venerable age of these cars, the oldest of which is the Dodge Challenger which has just celebrated its 13th anniversary on the market in its current form. Know that they are not going to leave us since they will survive at least until 2024, according to a member of the management of Stellantis.

Stellantis’ electrification plan includes a survival strategy for the Dodge brand, which would involve performance electric cars. The first electric models should see the light of day in 2024, and they would be based on a new “STLA Large platform”, which will be able to receive propulsion or all-wheel drive configurations.

During an interview that had Muscle Cars and Trucks with the current boss of Dodge, Tim Kuniskis, it was clear that the current Dodge cars that are the Load and Challenger would hold the fort until at least 2024. “The new platform is coming in 2024. The new car is coming in 2024. We didn’t say the current cars were going to die in 2024. There might be a little overlap, but you’re not going to have years and years and years of the classic and the new at the same time, ”Kuniskis said.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye 2021

So this suggests that performance cars with V8 engines could be sold until 2025, or maybe even a little after. The same goes for the Chrysler 300 with which the other two Dodge cars share most of their components.

Dodge Challenger Super Stock 2021

Officially, the only information confirmed by the manufacturer is that the production of the three cars – which takes place in Brampton, Ontario – will be maintained at least until 2023. Also, other variations of the existing models are to be expected, with the aim of to rekindle interest in these models.

2021 Dodge Durango SRT

It should therefore be understood that the days of the V8 HEMI are relatively numbered. It is clear that Dodge’s next electric performance car will not be able to receive a V8, but also that the stricter regulations will lead to the abandonment of these polluting and energy-consuming mechanics over time. One thing is certain, to follow how Dodge, which bases most of its business strategy on performance vehicles with overpowered V8 engines, reinvents itself will be fascinating.


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