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Kia presents the EV3, a new subcompact SUV

Korean manufacturer Kia recently made the world's first unveiling of its EV3, an all-new electric subcompact SUV which should ultimately take the place of the Niro in its range.

4.3 m long, slightly less than the Niro, but with a wheelbase almost equal to it (2.7 m), this new model takes up the stylistic codes introduced by the EV9 mid-size SUV. The headlights and taillights are therefore made up of joined lines which follow the ends of the bodywork.


The Kia EV3

This EV3 is built on the Hyundai group's electric platform called E-GMP. It will use a front-wheel drive configuration, undoubtedly with a view to reducing costs. Interesting fact: Kia says it will be offered with a choice of 58.3 kWh or 81.4 kWh batteries. This would increase, at least for the extended range livery, the energy storage capacity by 16.6 kWh compared to the Niro capable of traveling 407 km. The autonomy of the EV3 could thus be considerably greater.


The interior of the Kia EV3

The interior takes up the very refined appearance of the EV9 with the use of a horizontal screen which incorporates the multimedia system and the instrumentation in a single entity. A 25 L front trunk completes the 440 L volume of the rear cargo space, for the practical aspect of the vehicle.

For the moment, Kia has not specified when this EV3 will arrive in Canada or how the livery structure will work. We will probably have an idea of ​​the final version by the end of the year.

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