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A new logo for Citroën

The shift to electric vehicles is forcing automakers to rethink their business model. It also comes with a new branding. Wanting to start again with another foot in the electric, the French manufacturer Citroën takes advantage of the energy transition to change logo.

This logo turns out to be the tenth in Citroën’s long career, which is 103 years old this year. The company’s most recent logo redesign dates back to 2002 where the double chevron was inside an oval, similar to André Citroën’s very first logo, but in three dimensions.

With this one, the stylist of the logo, Alexandre Revert, aims instead to honor the roots of the manufacturer while projecting it towards an electric future. However, just like Volkswagen, Citroën adopts a simplistic two-dimensional approach. Chevrons are now restrained inside a circle rather than an oval. Their pixelated coating aims to recall the electric and the digital. This logo will also be displayed in different colors.

Citroën is taking advantage of the inauguration of its new logo to launch a new slogan. Around the logo we can therefore read the phrase “Nothing moves like a Citroën” (nothing moves like a Citroën). Because just like other car manufacturers, Citroën aims rather to become a company of mobility and not of cars.

Indeed, under the conglomerate Stellantis, Citroën will also go through a whole metamorphosis, both in terms of its engines and its design and technologies. However, the chances are very slim that this manufacturer will return to market vehicles with us.

According to what Carlos Tavares, the big boss of Stellantis, would have said in 2021 in the context of an interview with American journalists, the brands Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Chrysler, not to mention the manufacturers of the luxury segments like Alfa Romeo and Maserati, have everything it takes to ensure good growth for its business in our market.

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