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GMC | The electric GMC Sierra reveals its face

General Motors (GM) released the very first photo last week showing the face of its electric GMC Sierra pickup truck. It will complete the offensive – silent – among full-size pickup trucks with the electric Silverado, which will be presented on January 5.

Like the Silverado, GM is currently stingy with words to characterize this newcomer based on the manufacturer’s Ultium platform. On the aesthetic aspect, we notice a sealed grille and an approach similar to that of the gasoline model with headlights that accentuate the lines of the front fenders. We know, however, that this vehicle will make its introduction in Denali livery, which suggests a more opulent positioning against the Silverado. It should also benefit from the four directional wheels announced by the Silverado and which will equip the GMC Hummer. The maximum autonomy should also be around 644 km.

GM announced last week that the electric Silverado will not go on sale next year, flanking Ford with its F-150 Lightning which has already set in motion its pre-production. In fact, however, it was Rivian who won the race in the full-size electric pickup truck. The young American brand, which has just given up on partnering with Ford for the development of electric models, began assembling its first R1Ts in September.

We won’t be able to see this entire Sierra until next year. GM has not put forward an unveiling date yet. That said, its big brother, the Hummer, will undoubtedly attract the spotlight in the meantime, which is the electric flagship of the brand.

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