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Formula 1: Porsche and Audi will officially be there

Rumors that Porsche and Audi will enter Formula 1 (F1) have been circulating for several years now, but today fans of the sport officially rejoiced. At a Volkswagen Group event in Wolfsburg, Germany earlier this morning, Group CEO Herbet Diess confirmed the two manufacturers’ entry into F1. We know that these will make their debut in the 2026 season, but Mr. Diess did not specify how.

Synthetic fuels
The 2026 season will mark the arrival of brand new regulations for F1 teams, as synthetic fuels enter the world of the most prestigious of motor racing categories. These fuels have the characteristics of being qualified as “carbon neutral”, and this is for some another interesting option that could replace electrification.

At this level, Porsche is also one of the industry leaders when it comes to talking about research and development, and we understand that the entry into Formula 1 planned for 2026 has something to do with that. According to rumors, we can also expect Porsche to enter F1 as an interim engine supplier. Some rumors even speak of an exclusive supply with the Redbull Stable.

McLaren and Sauber in trouble

For the manufacturer from Ingolstadt, Audi, a slightly more direct route could be taken. Although everything has still not been confirmed by the Volkswagen Group, rumors circulating in the industry want the manufacturer to establish itself by buying outright an already existing team. However, we are talking about a team that would already be in trouble, especially fiscal, since such a team could sell for much less than a winning team.

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This is also why McLaren and Sauber are the two names that most often stand out. These teams are known, specifically McLaren, to be very expensive to operate when it comes to their cars as much as their drivers. On the other hand, performance is not always there, and neither are tax yields.


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